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TVF 1200: Intro to Production Equipment Request Form


This sheet must be turned in to an administrator in Mar. 411 at least two business days before your requested check out date.

Part 1: Contact Information

Today's Date
Date Needed*
Please select your class from the list below*

Part 2: Equipment

Choose One
Recording Stock
Specify Gel/Diffusion Colors

Part 3: Professor Selection

First NameLast NameEmail

Name of Professor who is teaching your course*

Part 3A: Professor Approval

Do You Approve The Request? *

Part 3B: TV Center Approval

Does The TVC Approve The Request? *

Part 4: Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form I understand that I am fully responsible for all equipment that I am requesting from the Television, Film & Radio Center. This form indicates my acceptance for the care and return of this equipment in good order as I have received it. I also agree to be subject to late fees or penalties for equipment damaged or late. *
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