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Change of Major

IMPORTANT: Use this form ONLY to change from one CCPS major to another CCPS major.

Use the internal transfer form (access through UIS: Student Tab/ Student Records link) to:    

  • Transfer to a major offered by other SJU college (SJC, ED, TCB, Pharmacy)
  • Transfer into CCPS from another SJU college.

Part 1: Student Information

Student's Name*

Part 2: Program Change

Input Current Major
For Example: Changing from an Associate Degree to a Bachelor Degree, etc

Part 2A - Advisors Review/Approval:

Do you approve the student Change of Major?*
(Optional) Dean Signature
You may use this option to sign the form or to sign the form on behalf of another Dean
Name of Signing Dean*
Use your mouse or finger to draw your signature above

Part 3: Select Your Advising Dean

Select an Advising Dean from the list below and input their name here.*

Advising Deans List

Assisting Students with Last Names Beginning:

Advisor Name:

Advisor E-mail:

A – B
Andrew Bhola
C – D
Gail Chiarovano
E – I
Fr. Michael Cummins
J – LTheresa Peros
M - OGeraldine
P – Sh
Diana Morgan
Si – Z
Randolph Ortiz
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