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Request Form for Academic Leave of Absence - CCPS Dean’s Office

Part 1: Student Information

CCPS undergraduate students may apply for a academic leave of absence while enrolled in a degree program at SJU.  In order to be eligible for an ALOA students must:

  • Submit a written request such as the form below to the CCPS Dean’s office
  • Not be enrolled in any coursework for the semester the leave is requested
  • Contact financial aid to inform them once the leave is approved
  • This form can be used to apply for an ALOA for one semester only.  If you do not enroll in coursework  in the semester immediately following your ALOA, you must readmit before returning to the University. 
  • It may take 3-5 business days for your form to be reviewed. 
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Part 2: Select Your Advising Dean

What is your Advising Dean name? (Please see list below)*

Advising Deans List

Assisting Students with Last Names Beginning:

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Advising Dean E-mail:

A – B
Andrew Bhola
C – D
Gail Chiarovano
E – I
Fr. Michael Cummins
J – LTheresa Peros
M - OGeraldine
P – Sh
Diana Morgan
Si – Z
Randolph Ortiz



Part 3 - Advisors Review/Approval:

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